Saturday, October 2, 2010

Donations--Flashlights (4)

These pictures are the property of Tom Neuhaus. You may use each as displayed on this site for free; please attribute the source (Tom Neuhaus, Project Hope and Fairness). For higher resolution, you can purchase the original for $5. To do this, visit and click the Donate button. Donate $5 per picture and then email me ( what pictures you want and I will send them back to you. Thank you in advance for donating cocoa farming tools to West African cocoa farmers by purchasing a picture.

Or, a yummy way to help the West African cocoa farmer is to purchase chocolate from , Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates. Or, visit Splash Cafe. Splash Cafe and its sister business, Splash Cafe Artisan Bakery donate at least $2500 every summer to Project Hope and Fairness and make the trips possible.


These solar powered flashlights were donated by Ernie Roide of Promotion Plus. He purchased 500 of them, and I donated about 50 to each village we visited.

1) Abekro87_Flashlight.jpg
Flashlights are especially useful because older folks need to be able to leave the home and go to the bathroom at night. Abekro, Côte d'Ivoire, 2010.

2) Broguhe06_FlashlightsDonation.jpg
Donation of solar-powered flashlights (purchased by Ernie Roide of Promotion Plus) to the village of Broguhe
Broguhe, Côte d'Ivoire, 2010.

3) Depa08_FlashlightsDonation.jpg
Donating flashlights to Depa.
Depa, Côte d'Ivoire, 2010.

4) Bafia06.jpg
Donation of solar-powered flashlights. We purchased them from Total, which sold them for a little over $10 each. They could be purchased at most of the service stations.
Bafia, Cameroon, 2011.

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