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Ebekawopa (26)

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Ebekawopa is about 45 minutes north of Cape Coast, Ghana, two miles off the road to Kakum. Like so many villages, it enjoys the quietness and solitude, but the difficult road hinders easy access. Many children have moved to the city because they find village life boring. This presents real challenges to the economic prosperity of the village.

1) IMG_1505_Ebekawopa_2007_Ceremony.jpg

Young girls dance at the donations ceremony, Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2007.

2) IMG_1492_JoyODancing.jpg
Mature women enjoy the music at the donations ceremony. Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2007.

3) P8110027.jpg
Reverend Sampson, who has been such a positive force in this village. Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2007. Photo by Stan Thompson

4) P8110034.jpg
Girls dressed in dancing regalia. Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2007. Photo by Stan Thompson

5) P8110063.jpg
Making music with bamboo percussion. Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2007. Photo by Stan Thompson

6) P8110096.jpg
Making music with calabasas and cowrie shells (now plastic beads). Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2007. Photo by Stan Thompson.

7) P8110115.jpg
Kate Montgomery practices her skills as an African mother. Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2007. Photo by Stan Thompson.

8) P8110116.jpg
Cocoa farmer and his wife in Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2007. Photo by Stan Thompson.

9) P8110123.jpg
Pastor Samson presents Tom with rooster. Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2007. Photo by Stan Thompson

10) P8110127.jpg
Unknown persons. Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2007. Photo by Stan Thompson.

11) P8110131.jpg
Villagers staying out of a brief summer squall. Note the wheelchair in the foreground. Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2007. Photo by Stan Thompson.

12) IMG_5788_Ebekawopa.jpg
Anna Nakayama holds a cocoa pod from Reverend Samson's orchard (he is standing in back). Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2009.

13) IMG_5792_Ebekawopa.jpg
Reverend Samson demonstrates how to use a machete attached to a long pole in order to harvest a cocoa pod. Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2009.

14) IMG_5804_Ebekawopa_MichaelJackson.jpg
This lady decided to imitate Michael Jackson. Even I figured that out! Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2009.

15) IMG_5805_Ebekawopa.jpg
Lesson in local language in the Lutheran church. Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2009.

16) Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2010.
Classroom furniture.

17) Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2010.
Flu poster and blackboard in Lutheran church.

18) Ebekawopa04.jpg
Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2010
Cooking banku.

19) Ebekawopa12.jpg
Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2010.
School wall, made of a cocoa trunk, is sprouting cocoa leaves!

20) Ebekawopa14.jpg
Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2010.
School, made of sticks and mud.

21) Ebekawopa15.jpg
Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2010.
School, inside under construction.

22) Ebekawopa17.jpg
Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2010.
Two teenagers.

23) Ebekawopa37.jpg
Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2010
Boys and girls are expected to do household chores. This lad is doing the wash. They use a minimum of water along with some soap and they soak the clothes and ring them out several times.

24) Ebekawopa09.jpg
Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2011
Pastor's son sitting in the kitchen.

25) Ebekawopa23.jpg
Pastor Samson's Son Gives Him a Shave
Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2011

26) Ebekawopa24.jpg
Pastor Samson's Wife Gives Us Bananas for the Trip
Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2011.

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