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Oil Palm (24)

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1) MensahOilPalm.jpg
The oil palm, a foundation of agriculture in West Africa. Fruit is used to make palm oil, nuts to make palm kernel oil, and the juice to make palm wine and coutoucou (Ivorian name) or palm brandy. Edumfe, Ghana, 2003

2) MensahPalmOil.jpg
Palm oil, extracted from the palm fruit by boiling and pressing. Edumfe, Ghana, 2003.

3) MensahPalmWine.jpg
Palm wine production. Cut the roots, tip over the tree, cut out its heart, drill holes and allow sap to run into a container.

4) OilPalmFruits.jpg
Freshly picked palm fruit. Comprised of a center nut that is surrounded by a rpck-hard shell. This is coated by a fibrous endosperm that is full of an orange oil and covered with an orange skin. Ghana, 2003.

5) PalmKernels.jpg
Palm kernels, Ghana, 2003.

6) PalmWine4.jpg
Young man selling palm wine, Ghana, 2003. Whenever you visit a village, you always bring something. Palm wine is a common gift.

7) PalmKernelProc01.jpg
Press for expressing palm oil. Ghana, 2006

8) PalmKernelProc02.jpg
Palm seeds waiting to be extracted by hand in order to produce palm kernel oil, which is colorless and clear. Ghana, 2006

9) PalmKernelProc03.jpg
Basket for holding the palm fruit waiting to be boiled. Ghana, 2006.

10) PalmKernelProc04.jpg
Palm fruit ready for boiling to soften and extract oil. Ghana, 2006

11) PalmOilProcessing01.jpg
Pot with palm fruit being cooked. Ghana, 2006

12) IMG_1548.jpg
Oil palm fruit being heated to extract the oil. Gyaware, Ghana, 2007

13) IMG_1998_PalmFruitsProcessing.jpg
Women removing palm fruit in preparation for boiling them to extract the oil. Galebre, Côte d'Ivoire. 2007.

14) IMG_1357.jpg
Palm kernels bagged and ready to be cracked open. Mmaniaye, Ghana, 2007.

15) IMG_1365.jpg
Two stoves in an oil palm fruit cooking shed. Mmaniaye, Ghana

16) IMG_1374.jpg
Basket of oil palm fruits ready for processing. Mmaniaye, Ghana, 2007

17) MG_1375.jpg
Picking up the palm fruit in order to boil them and extract the palm oil. Mmaniaye, Ghana, 2007

18) P8110031.jpg
Basket of oil palm fruit ready for boiling to separate the red oil. Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2007. Photo by Stan Thompson.

19) P8100115.jpg
Palm fruit in Mmaniaye, Ghana, 2007. Photo by Stan Thompson.

20) IMG_4136.jpg
Palm oil factory, Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2008.

21) IMG_5796_Ebekawopa_PalmOil.jpg
Palm fruit being prepared for boiling in order to extract the oil. Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2009.

22) IMG_5797_Ebekawopa_PalmOil_med.jpg
Extracting the oil from boiled palm fruit. Ebekawopa, Ghana, 2009.

23) Ebekawopa07_med
Pressing palm oil--near Ebekawopa, Ghana. August, 2011.

24) Mmaniaye03.jpg
Pounding palm pulp to extract the oil.
Mmaniaye, Ghana, 2011.

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