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Jukwah (10)

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Jukwah is a large town located along the road between Cape Coast and Kakum National Park.

1) Jukwah17_med.jpg
I have never seen a village use as much bamboo in construction as Jukwah. Here it is used for fencing. Jukwah, Ghana, 2006

2) Jukwah20.jpg
Building a concrete block shower or bathroom, Jukwah, Ghana, 2006. This sort of construction is highly unusual, as it involves the use of costly concrete powder.

3) Jukwah21.jpg
School in Jukwah, Ghana, 2006. This is a very expensive structure--unusual for most villages. The schools are located higher than the surrounding countryside, and the view is quite nice.

4) Jukwah22.jpg
Goat and bamboo fence in Jukwah, Ghana, 2006.

5) Jukwah29_School.jpg
School in Jukwah, Ghana, 2006. This is a very nice structure--well built and therefore expensive. Note the blackboard. Note the re-rod sticking up in the corner--extremely dangerous!

6) Jukwah33_SchoolCanteen.jpg
The school's canteen. Jukwah, Ghana, 2006.

7) Jukwah35.jpg
Closeup of a bamboo wall. Jukwah, Ghana, 2006.

8) Jukwah36.jpg
Two architectures, two materials. Jukwah, Ghana, 2006.

9) P8090050.jpg
Two women listening to our presentation of gifts to the village of Jukwah, Ghana. Photo by Stan Thompson.

10) P8100248.jpg
Picture of previous King of the Fante. Jukwah, Ghana, 2007. Photo by Stan Tompson.

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