Saturday, October 2, 2010

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Or, a yummy way to help the West African cocoa farmer is to purchase chocolate from , Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates. Or, visit Splash Cafe. Splash Cafe and its sister business, Splash Cafe Artisan Bakery donate at least $2500 every summer to Project Hope and Fairness and make the trips possible.


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Trees belong to the local chief and therefore can only be cut with his permission. Most of the large trees in Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana have been cut and sold to the Europeans or the Americans. You can see the trees arriving at the ports. Typically, they are sold "in the round", meaning they are sold as they come right off the trucks. Large ships will often stack containers at the edges and fill in the middle with huge trunks. Mmaniaye, Ghana, 2007. Photo by Stan Thompson.

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